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Garrett Durant

I help corporate professionals rewire their mindset so they can achieve optimum health in all arenas of life.


Today’s world is full of uncertainty.


We cannot control the external world but, we sure can control our internal world. By helping others fundamentally change from the inside out gives them the edge they need to better handle life and all its external pressures.


About Garrett

During the pandemic I hit rock bottom and nearly lost everything I cared about in life. My anxiety was so bad, I could barely function.


Today I am one of the top 20 coaches to look out for in 2023. I am a respected expert on change and motivation. My passion to see others change and succeed is my driving force.


I give advice and science backed tools to become more confident, effective and fulfilled. My mission is to serve and positively impact people to their core

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Garrett Durant

Garrett's Talk


We all get hit with unexpected life conditions from the external world and many times that can leave us feeling down, unmotivated or full of fear. The key is to not let our life conditions keep us from living an extraordinary life. A life that is full of love, drive and passion. We cannot control the external world but, we sure can take control of our internal world. When we strengthen and build the “Four Pillars of Life” we now have everything we need to succeed in all arenas of life.


In this interactive audience experience I show them a simple but effective formula to build more resilience, become more effective, more confident and fulfilled.


Johnathan Martinez

"It was an incredibly engaging and informative presentation that left me feeling inspired and motivated."

Nick Wing

"I highly recommend attending one of Garrett's talks if you want to be inspired and challenged to reach your full potential."

Marcos Granda

"He is a gifted speaker who has a natural talent for captivating an audience and keeping them engaged from start to finish." 

"Your remarkable blend of passion, knowledge, and charisma created an unforgettable experience, leaving an indelible mark on all who had the privilege of hearing your impactful speech."

Roland De Anda

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